Romance and bureaucracy

For questions on the Visa and Mastercard one can call:
+41 (0)58 958 83 83

This is how a Mastercard looks like:

Some people have to do it with a OK Mastercard.

It doesn`t say the name.

If one has to do it without a card it is probably best to carry a:

$50 bill.

Or a UBS certificate:

This image is important in Europe:

More information.


You see so much is for sale on Earth, sometimes. I think it is most important that we do not have a competetive mindset. And now a days I think it is a good idea if we try that we all have the basic items.

Tarif et conditions

Cotisation annuelleCHF 40.-
Cotisation annuelle carte supplémentaireCHF 40.-
Carte de remplacementCHF 30.-
Remplacement du code NIPCHF 10.-
Frais de blocage carteCHF 50.-
Retrait en CHF/EUR à nos bancomatsGratuit
Retrait en CHF/EUR aux bancomats des banques cantonales suissesGratuit
Retrait en CHF aux bancomats d’autres banquesCHF 2.- par retrait
Retrait en EUR aux bancomats d’autres banquesCHF 5.- par retrait
Retrait aux bancomats à l’étrangerCHF 5.- par retrait
Paiement dans les commerces, restaurants, etc. en SuisseGratuit
Paiement dans les commerces, restaurants, etc. à l’étrangerCHF 1.50 par paiement
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Photo from: Javier Lastras.

If this is a vegetable it makes the word vegetable very much alright.

I know, why did intelligent universe create the humans with a mouth.

Why do humans always need to eat.

I have been thinking about this, and I think it was to set some emergency backups.

And it is interesting, according to the story, when we were disobedient to intelligent universe, it became more difficult to grow food.

“And so, the ground will be under a curse because of what you did. As long as you live, you will have to struggle to grow enough food. Your food will be plants, but the ground will produce thorns and thistles. You will have to sweat to earn a living; you were made out of soil, and you will once againturn into soil.”

Also further in the story it says, that whoever believes in Unconditional love won`t be hurt by this ancient sin.

History of exchanges

We would almost have to go back to the history of earth. People live in families. Children go out and find a spouse. They are free and independent. For their material needs they trade – usually – other material things for that.

Many people trade services. To be able to have a more specified trading system whereby everone can do what they can do best, we trade in an intermediate; currency.

Basically I think Gold is the God (all that is, all that was, all that shall be) given currency for earth and the humans.

This is how our current society got to be; people, eighthundred years ago, would live in a village and traded with eachother in gold and silver;

(ArtStation. Medieval village, Evgeny Borzaev)

They would be craftsman for wooden furniture. Like this:

(for educational value; image from

Someone would come; would buy the furniture in golden coins.

Then with normal living and diligent work; after a while a guy would have more then fivehundred of those gold coins, then a guy would jump on his horse;

and go to another guy, who would have as profession superb administration and a strong vault and house, and would deliver the coins to him for protection. Because we need to live with the seasons, and even though for furniture that is not the biggest issue, for some other guys who would sell produced crops from the field, they would need to have gold stored for winter and emergency repairs and more.

In villages it was like that, then there were also cities, then the administration and the vault keeping would look like this:

The guy who would store the gold coins would then give a banknote. Bank maybe means protected area. How many gold coins someone would have brought would be on the bill, and people could exchange those notes too.

Also in 1861 this is exactly how it still was.

Later on the developments since the end of the nineteenth century.

One thing for later already:

The Greek goddess Europa is now the face of the Union of European territories.